“It is good for the future of cinema that Africa exists.” Djibril Diop Mambéty

While the future that one of Africa’s greatest auteurs envisioned 25 years ago — one that is dynamic, introspective, and self-sustaining — remains elusive, it’s attainable. With a multilayered approach, Akoroko.com exists in anticipation of that future.

Akoroko employs a multipronged curatorial approach to African cinema based on the notion that the prospect of a new film language that reinvigorates cinema as an art form, lies in Africa. It will not be easily communicated. We’re products of blended cultural influences. But the search needn’t be futile. A creative environment in which genuine attempts are encouraged can produce interesting results. And any evolution of African film and African cinematic language will take a village.

Akoroko.com strives to be the village’s foundation, weaving word, image, and sound into a tapestry informed by an intricate African history: a direct-to-consumer subscription-based streaming service that offers a carefully curated selection of arthouse, independent, and international films telling African stories, supported by robust contextual materials.

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