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Introducing Akoroko Premium!

Long-time followers know the depth and breadth of African cinema and industry intelligence I’ve been sharing. Even though it represents a fraction of what I see daily, and the scope of the work I want to do.

Akoroko is entirely a one-man operation with eyes on a grander vision for African cinemas.

To keep the platform independent and buoyant, and scale new heights, I’m introducing a premium subscription service designed for the true enthusiast.


Exclusive Subscriber-Only Intelligence
– Get in-depth news, reviews, analysis, project tracking, directory of information, and more.
– Comprehensive Coverage: See what I see. Tailor your needs to your preference in frequency and detail.
– Direct Access: Your inquiries get the VIP treatment. Advice, insight, consultations—prioritized.


– Independent & In-Depth: As a one-man operation, the journey has been fueled by passion, not profit. But quality and independence come at a cost.
– Beyond Coverage: Akoroko is more than news; it’s a movement. My long-term vision requires sustainable support.
– Untapped Potential: Funding is scarce in uncharted territories, especially in media. African film industries deserve a spotlight, and Akoroko is here to shine it.


– At $8 per month/$72 per year, Akoroko Premium offers exceptional value, reflecting the quality and uniqueness of the work, curated to meet high standards and align with your interests.

– Secure Subscriptions: Akoroko Premium will utilize Stripe, a trusted and widely-used payment system for subscription management. I’m open to exploring other options based on your feedback and demand.

For non-subscribers, worry not!

– Continued Access: The Akoroko spirit of sharing remains, and you’ll receive basic updates for free, while frequent, comprehensive news coverage will be exclusive to Akoroko Premium subscribers.

Of course, you’re encouraged to subscribe! Your subscription will empower me to not only sustain the effort I’m making currently, but also to do more, better, and with the fierce independence you’ve come to expect.


Month-to-Month | Annual