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“It is good for the future of cinema that Africa exists.” Djibril Diop Mambéty

While the future that one of Africa’s greatest auteurs envisioned 25 years ago — one that is dynamic, introspective, and self-sustaining — remains elusive, it’s attainable. With a multilayered approach, Akoroko exists in anticipation of that future.

Akoroko is a pioneering platform focused on bridging the gap between African film markets and the global film industry. With a primary focus on Industry Intelligence Services, Akoroko offers a range of customizable services targeting various stakeholders in the film industry.

Primary Focus: Industry Intelligence

Akoroko’s core offering revolves around providing comprehensive Industry Intelligence Services, designed to cater to the unique needs of African cinema stakeholders globally.

These services include: Real-time News; Tracking (Filmmaker and Film Project); Regulatory Updates; Sociopolitical, Socioeconomic, and Geographical Awareness; Customizable Research and Analyses; Directory of Information; Event Calendars; Film Cataloging; Film Programming and Curation; Filmmaker Consultation.

With a focus on selectivity and quality, Akoroko embodies a commitment to spotlighting African cinemas and fostering global connections.

Any evolution of African film and African cinematic language will take a village.

Akoroko strives to be the village’s foundation, weaving word, image, and sound into a tapestry informed by an intricate African history.

Why Akoroko?

Unique Market Position: Akoroko uniquely focuses on African cinema, offering specialized industry intelligence services in this niche. Led by Tambay Obenson, born and raised in Nigeria and Cameroon, and based in the U.S., he uniquely bridges African and global film industries. Obenson’s background as a respected film journalist and his film industry expertise and access across African, US, and European film industries, enhance Akoroko’s distinct market standing.

  • Innovation: Integration of AI and machine learning technologies is a key aspect of its innovative approach. This technology enhances the efficiency of its services, particularly in news aggregation and tracking of filmmakers and film projects.
  • First to Market: Akoroko’s position as first to market is a synergy of its unique market focus and innovative approach. Leveraging Tambay Obenson’s extensive background in film and the integration of AI in its services, Akoroko uniquely addresses the gap in African cinema’s global representation and technological engagement.
  • Growing Market: The platform targets a surging interest in diverse cinematic expressions from the African continent, catering to a growing global audience.
  • Social Impact: Akoroko contributes to elevating the global presence of African cinema, promoting cultural diversity, and enhancing cross-cultural understanding.

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