“It is good for the future of cinema that Africa exists.” Djibril Diop Mambéty

While the future that one of Africa’s greatest auteurs envisioned 25 years ago — one that is dynamic, introspective, and self-sustaining — remains elusive, it’s attainable. With a multilayered approach, Akoroko.com exists in anticipation of that future.

Akoroko is a dynamic platform that serves as a bridge between African film markets and the global film industry. It is dedicated to elevating mainstream discourse of African cinema by offering discerning and in-depth coverage, analysis, and insights into the vibrant and diverse African film scene.

With a focus on selectivity and quality, Akoroko embodies a commitment to spotlighting African cinema and fostering global connections.

Any evolution of African film and African cinematic language will take a village.

Akoroko.com strives to be the village’s foundation, weaving word, image, and sound into a tapestry informed by an intricate African history.

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