Ghana: Boris Kodjoe, Who Has Ghanaian Roots, Visits, Advocates for Film Industry and Tourism

#Ghana: Actor Boris Kodjoe has been in Ghana for several reasons, including the late December Full Circle Africa Economic Conference in Accra, and as an advocate for the country’s tourism and cultural heritage.

Kodjoe, who has Ghanaian roots, is actively involved in promoting Ghana’s “Year of Return” initiative, which encourages people of African descent to visit and reconnect with their heritage.

In the 20-minute interview below with Ghanaian broadcaster JoyNews, published last week, Kodjoe discussed several issues, including the success of Ghana’s “Year of Return” initiative, the transformative cultural reconnection it fosters, and, of course, the state of Ghana’s film industry and its potential.

Here’s a breakdown of what he said about the film industry specifically, which begins at the 12:45 time mark:

– Industry Growth and Sustainability: Kodjoe says the Ghanaian film industry is in its infancy and suggests implementing tax incentives for substantial growth. He emphasizes the need for sustained efforts to make these incentives law if the industry is to be transformed.

– Foreign Investment and Geographical Benefits: He discusses attracting foreign investors and studios, highlighting the importance of ongoing incentives. And he points out Ghana’s strategic location as beneficial for film production.

– Educational Support and Talent Development: He speaks to what he believes are the roles universities and government play in supporting film studios.

– Nurturing and Retaining Local Talent: He argues for continued support and empowerment of local talent to prevent brain drain and promote the export of goods and services.

Ultimately, what Kodjoe says aligns with developments in other key African regions, especially sub-Saharan, with thriving cinema cultures.

Noteworthy: Idris Elba, who also has Ghanaian roots, spent time in Ghana early last year with some of the same motivations and announced plans to build multiple film studios across Africa, with the pilot project starting in Ghana.

Watch the Kodjoe conversations below: