“In Bloom” Anthology Spotlights African Women’s Stories on International Stage (Now Streaming)

#Nigeria #Kenya #USA: “In Bloom” is a collaborative short film anthology directed by emerging women filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya, India, the U.S., and Brazil.

Presented by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Paramount Global, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the anthology addresses critical issues like period poverty, child marriage, gender-based violence, HIV self-stigma, family planning, and women’s economic empowerment.

The anthology includes five films: AFÉFÉ by Dolapo “LowlaDee” Adeleke from Nigeria, KIFUNGO by Voline Ogutu from Kenya, PERIOD by Nicole Teeny from the USA, ALTA by Priyanka Banerjee from India, and MARÉ by Giuliana Monterio from Brazil.

Creatively led by Nigerian director Tope Oshin, the “In Bloom” anthology premieres on March 1, coinciding with Women’s History Month and leading up to International Women’s Day.

It is available globally on Paramount+ and Pluto TV, with plans for distribution on MTV international channels, BET in Africa on March 8, and subsequently on YouTube in India and Africa.

Watch a trailer: