Watch a new short film titled LADANEY by Jessica Beshir (FAYA DAYI, 2021),

LADANEY: Jessica Beshir (FAYA DAYI) Directs Short Film Commissioned for Film Fest Ghent’s 50th (Watch)

Watch a new short film titled LADANEY by Jessica Beshir (FAYA DAYI, 2021), which was specially commissioned by Film Fest Ghent (the annual international film festival in Ghent, Belgium).

The film explores the silent moments and enchanting bonds between mothers and daughters.

It stars Somali-American poet Ladan Osman, who also wrote the text.

The short is part of Film Fest Gent’s ambitious 50th-anniversary initiative called 2X25. The festival brought together 25 leading composers and 25 filmmakers to have each composer create a short piece of music, which would then be used by a filmmaker to direct a short film inspired by that composition.

Beshir was partnered up with composer Pauchi Sasaki.

Watch LADANEY below. For all 25 short films click here:

Jessica Beshir is a filmmaker of Mexican and Ethiopian descent, best known for her documentary FAYA DAYI which delves into the cultural significance of the khat plant in Ethiopia. It premiered at Sundance 2021 and garnered significant recognition and accolades throughout its run, including its addition to the esteemed Criterion Collection,

Beshir’s unique storytelling style blends documentary and poetic narratives, often touching on themes of identity and migration.

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