TALES OF A NOMADIC CITY: Ambitious Multiplatform Project Aims to Reimagine Mauritania’s Capital City

CPH:DOX has announced the projects selected for its CPH:LAB development program, where filmmakers go through intense workshops, getting them ready to present at CPH:DOX (International Documentary Festival) 2024, next March.

Akoroko notes…

– TALES OF A NOMADIC CITY: Based on the press description, it sounds like an ambitious project aimed at capturing the essence, history, and future of Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania.

From co-directors Med Lemine Rajel and Christian Vium, the project aims to rewrite and reimagine the city’s history and future narratives.

A key component of the project is an ethno-fiction feature documentary, envisioned as a conversation between the city and its inhabitants, using collaborative scripting, juxtaposed with community-sourced material, and new film footage.

The filmmakers say they want to challenge traditional, linear models of dramaturgy and retelling of history, combining traditional methods of storytelling with modern technology to create a comprehensive experience.

Look for this on the circuit in 2024.

Here’s a teaser:

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